How You Can Make Youself Felling Better When Using English

                      To make me feel better using English is that I practice English with friends.Futhermore I use this language in the life of I. I will also try to increase the number of words in the personal I. I will brave myself to talk English.I will try to make my English as a second language.

Desribe How You Fell When You're using English

               My feeling when using the English I was excited because before this I use English with my teachers.I very happy that my wish has become proficient in English.Sometimes i do not understand what was said by friends but I proud when speaking in English.

Describe How You fell during The interview

I feel when being interviewed rather nervous.this because before this I never interviewed..But I strengthened my spirit to be interviewed because I wanted to become a businessman and member of politic.I will make this experience as a challenge to me to be better.


                                       Every people have ways that are suitable for them to learn English.As  for me, i have my own  ways to learn or improve English.The ways that suitable for me to learn English basicly from computer.When i get computer from my father i try to use the computer.That assist me alot to learn English.There are many words i get when i use the computer.Besides that,i use my computer to play the games.When i play the games,i must read instruction of the games for sure ,if i want to win.That improve to me to learn English,Besides that,to learn English i try to comunicate with my family,teacher and friends as help to me to learn English.A part from that i discuss with my friend how to good in English.Sometime we get advice from internet how to good in English.That ways are suitable for me to learn English.


                               Every people have the greatest moment in their live.As me i have my own too.The story begin when i and my family visit Perhentian Island.I and my family shock when my father says we family will go there.Why i say like that because my father always busy and her mother sick.I ask my father grandmother follow our family and my father says yes.I and  family very happy.When we arrive at Perhentian Island,i,my family and grandmother shock because all my uncle,my auntie and their family have there.That be big association in my family.When we there we are very happy and many thing we do together.What can i say Perhentian Island are very nice place have i go.That greatest moment in my life.


                          This question must have be everyone people.The English is important language in our world now.When you visit place in the world you need to speak English.For me this question why do you thing you need English this because if i want suscess i need to read many book in English.If we know this language we can read anything.Besides that if i know English that easy to me do my work.That because i need English.Besides that easy to me study..
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